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  • March 25, 2015
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Over the last five years it has quickly become a two-horse race, with iOS and Google Play being the main competitors. No doubt, there are other viable contenders playing for third, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and RIMM, but iOS and Google Play are clearly leading the pack. For app developers, App Store optimization is an incredibly important yet frequently overlooked opportunity.

Just like the web has on-page and off-page SEO, apps have on-metadata and off-metadata ASO. On-metadata ASO include factors totally within your control and are often things dealing with your app store presence. Off-metadata ASO include factors that might not be entirely in your control, but which you can still influence.

On-Page Relevance Factors

Based on a study of more than 200 app searches, it would appear that the following on-page factors are the most important within the app store.

App Title
Keyword usage in the title appears to be one of the most important relevance signals. It is currently unknown whether it’s a direct signal (keyword usage means higher ranking) or an analogous one (keyword usage results in higher click-through rates). Be sure to include the keywords, but don’t be spammy. Make sure it parses well and makes sense.

App Description
Appropriate keyword usage should also be used within the body copy…errr app description.

Keywords Field
The Keyword Field in iOS is a 100 character field which you can use to tell iTunes search for which keywords you should show up. Since you only get 100 characters, you must use them wisely. A few tips:

When choosing your keywords, just like on the web, focus on relevancy, search volume, and difficulty.
Don’t use multiple word phrases; break out to individual words (Apple can combine them for you).
Don’t repeat keywords that are already in your title (and put the most important ones in your title, leaving the keyword field for your secondary keywords).

Icon & Screenshots
Consumers are finicky. They want apps which are beautiful, elegant, and simple to understand. Your icon is often their first interaction with your app, so ensure that it does a great job conveying your brand.

The most important rule to remember when creating your screenshots is that they should not be screenshots. They are, instead, promotional graphics. That means you can include text or other graphics to tell your app’s story in an interesting, visual way.

Off-Page Relevance Factors

Unlike Google, Apple has total access to everything that happens within the confines of an application, which means there’s a boatload of data to determine user appreciation. The following signals can be used to compare apps within similar categorical clusters:

CTR: What is the click-through rate when served in a higher position?
Link-building: This is discussed further below, but suffice it to say, link building to your app’s page in the app store matters for Google Play apps. Given you all are SEOs, you know all about how to rock this!
Rating & Reviews: You have to make sure that the ratings and reviews your users write about your app are positive. It will help increase your conversion rate from app page views to downloads. Key is to make an Kick-ass app.
Usage Weights: What is the average frequency of usage within the app?
Downloads: Higher the Download numbers, better ranking.
App Updates: Keeping freshness in App is very important for continuity in higher ranking.

Tips for improvement App Ranking

Here are a few tips to help you rank better in the App Store:

  • Focus on natural incorporation of keywords in the title and description data
  • Use conversion optimization techniques and push notifications to ensure more prolific usage of the application
  • Keep the application “top of mind” through email and social media integration. Give your users a great reason to share, like, and follow.
  • Offer heavy users the opportunity to review the app. A simple push with the opportunity to rate can give your ambassadors a platform to evangelize the product
  • Try traditional PR to improve download rates and a bevy of quality content regarding the site
  • Use event tracking and some iteration of “last state” tracking to prevent users from bouncing
  • Use open graph (wisely!) to help spread the word.
  • Make an absolutely killer app (if you’ve done that, feel free to ignore most of the above).

So, that was Redefine Infotech’s App Store SEO tips. We are a leading Web Development and SEO services provider based in Rajkot, India. Contact us for any Web related activities. We do free consulting as well. Stay tune for most posts like this.

References: Moz, Search Engine Watch

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