Most Common Windows Problem Solved

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It is a fact that no Windows PC performs without any glitch over time. It doesn’t matter how much simpler Microsoft makes Windows with each successive release: problems and bugs will always be a part of it. Some of the problems are outside of your control but there are some that you can solve easily.

Here, I have presented most common Windows problems that you may have face with excellent and simple solutions.

1. My PC takes long time to boot. What can I do to speed up the things?

Solution: Type “msconfig” in the Run box > open “System Configuration” tool  > switch to the “Start-up” tab.

Disable all the programs that you don’t need to run during start-up. If you are a power user, you may also switch to the “Services” tab and disable all the unnecessary services.

2. Trying to delete a file from my pc but won’t let me do that. Instead, it shows an error saying that the file/folder is in use by another program or user.

Solution: Reboot your computer in Safe mode to delete that file. Or you wanna do it easy way get Unlocker. It’s a free utility that will let you close all or any processes and once they are closed, you can then safely delete the file.

3. I am trying to play a video the media player says that I am missing certain codecs.

Solution: Download K-Lite Codec Pack, that will let you play literally all the format available to mankind! Or Install KM player (best media player) which also contains codecs to play all the video/audio format.

4. How can I remove all the unnecessary files from the computer and recover some disk space?

Solution: Open the Run box or command window and type “cleanmgr” to open the built-in Disk Cleanup utility. It will remove all the temp files and the unnecessary system files that you no longer need.

5. My Windows crashed with a “Blue Screen.” Why?

Solution: There’s a free utility called Blue Screen View, it will will scan the Windows dump files to determine the device drivers that possibly caused the crash.

6. I think I deleted a file by mistake. Can I recover it?

Solution: In case of simple delete, recover file from Recycle bin but If you have shift+delete or empty the recycle been and want to recover the file Use free uitility “Recover My Files” or “Recuva“. These are powerful data recovery tools, you can also recover files from external hard disk or pen drive.

7. How do I protect or secure or hide my personal files and folders from others?

Solution: There are some things (like personal photos, imp documents, financial records) that you’d rather keep private, but not always possible if others access and share your pc.

Use a free tool ‘Hide Folder‘ to protect your files and folders from others.


8. How do I check my PC for any unwanted programs which silently connecting to the Internet without my knowledge?

Solution: Check your computer for unwanted guests:

To ensure that none of the viruses or spyware programs are responsible for your slow Internet, open Run box and run the following command:

” netstat  – b  – f 5

This will easily help you figure out if any of the programs on your computer are silently connecting to the Internet without your knowledge. If your find any strange process, close it through the Task Manager.

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