Why you should spend minimum $10 per Week on Facebook Ads?

  • March 14, 2015
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Here’s the reason why you should spend at least $10 per week on Facebook Ads.

1. Facebook has introduced new Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook recently announced their new dynamic product ads, which helps retailers to promote relevant products to buyers browsing your product catalog on your website or mobile app. Best opportunity for Retailers (physical store or Online) to promote their product on Facebook. $10 per week would be a good start if you are not already promoting it on FB. I would describe this new ads as Direct selling through FB.

“Dynamic product ads helps us connect our large product catalog to each unique shopper with relevant and timely product ads. We’re seeing strong results, including a 34% increase in click through rate and a 38% reduction in cost per purchase.”
– Rachel Kwan, Online Marketing Manager at The Honest Company and Zach Greenberger, CEO of adMixt

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2. Facebook has insane Commercial Targeting Functions

Facebook is really killing it with ad targeting, thanks to both their Atlas acquisition and their offline purchase data partnerships. Advertisers can now target consumers on Facebook based on their expressed interests and likes, but also their website behavior, app usage, relationship with the business and even purchase history in physical stores.

Thanks to all this insights, new product Ads are supers mart and super relevant. That’s why huge benefits for Retails. Potentially open market of 1 billion people. Where can you get that, on a single platform. (May be on Google!)


3. More Traffic to your Website

Well, it’s one thing to post a funny kitty or embarrassing image of your friend and get hundreds of likes but it is a whole new game when you want to drive high quality (relevant) traffic to your website from Facebook Marketing efforts.

According to Facebook, Business or Fan pages organically reach about 16% of their fans or target audience on average. A boot post (oh yes! paid one) will hit a lot more of your followers along with people in their friend list.

If your goal is to generate website traffic, there will be an option to “Drive Traffic to Your Website” in Facebook’s advertising portal and they will optimize the campaign to get more people to your site. Facebook has lot of advanced targeting options, impactful campaigns have the capability to drive people to your website.

“The aim of Marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself”

Find your target audience demographic, gender (if applicable), proper geographic locations etc, create compelling content (hire expert for that) and start to see the high quality traffic flood in to your business website. Set up conversion tracking on Facebook and through Google Analytics determine how long visitors are staying on your site and design campaign accordingly.


4. Spent on Social Media Manager but no budget for Social Ads

You have hired a Social Media Manager to promote your brand on Social Medias and not allocated budget advertising. That make what kind of Sense? sorry, it doesn’t. Hire will be a big dud. By start spending $10 per week on one post will be a good tasting, what works and what does not. Take notes and modify your campaign accordingly.


5. Facebook for Brand Exposure

According to Kiss Metrics, more than 30 billion pieces of content are shared on FB each month. Sharing is Fun, with a fun sharable content (not just promoting your product directly) you can get greater exposure of your brand. With higher visibility and fun content and your brand will start receiving more exposure in the news-feed and more people will share it. So the key is create fun impactful content, not just promote your products or service directly can give your brand greater exposure.


6. Engagement

With more shares, you will receive comments on posts. Try to reply all the comments. You can improve conversion rates by replying to comments. Create a compelling landing page in Facebook with useful widgets.

So, that’s why you should spend $10 per week on Facebook ads! I can GUARANTEE you will be get some significant results with your online marketing efforts if you start Facebook advertising with at least $10 per week.

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